Cinemastalgia with Dave & Warwick


Cinemastalgia is a bi-weekly podcast where Dave & Warwick re-watch films that they loved as children and review them from an adult perspective. From Top Gun to Aladdin, no childhood film is safe! We’re going to see if our favorite movies are works of art or pieces of shit. It’s time to get nostalgic with Cinemastalgia!

Your Hosts:

David Kelch:


David Kelch is a theatre professional working in several capacities in the Chicago area, and his most recent work has been with Piccolo Theatre and Locked Into Vacancy Entertainment. A voracious consumer of TV, movies, comic books, and sci-fi/fantasy novels, David originally hails from the St. Louis area, but has now been in Chicago for almost 17 years, and couldn’t be happier to be here.

Favorite movie of all time: Too. Many. Choices… this is tough… and probably changes based on my mood any given day… but let’s go with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Twitter: @DavidWMKelch

Warwick Johnson:


Warwick Johnson is a comic book writer, creator of the series Damned and co-creator of the Empty Grave mini-series. Warwick used to be an actor, playwright, and has dabbled in stand-up comedy. An avid comic book fan, Warwick turned his back on the glitz and glamour of the Chicago storefront theater scene to get involved in the gritty world of self-publishing comic books.

Favorite movie of all time: The Empire Strikes Back.

Website: www.warwickjohnson.com

Twitter: @Warwick_Johnson

Snapchat: I’m not on Snapchat. I don’t want to be on Snapchat.