We’re back!

After an unexpected hiatus due to the holidays, unforeseen technical difficulties, and being busy AF, Cinemastalgia is back! And we’re here with a new episode about the Schwarzenegger classic Commando to get back into things. Part 1, that is, since we loved this movie so much we just couldn’t stop talking about it. Check out the episode at BlogTalkRadio, Google Play Music, or iTunes, and as always, if you enjoy what you hear, please rate and review wherever you listen. Part 2 coming soon! -D


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Happy New Year! New episode coming soon!

Hi there, listeners! Warwick and I hope everyone out there had a great holiday season, and a happy New Year’s Eve/Day. Family and holiday obligations kept both of us super busy over the last couple weeks, but now we’re back, and we’ll have a new episode for you on Monday. What it will be? Stay tuned over the next couple days to find out!


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New Episode is here!

Our next episode, All Dogs Go To Heaven: But They Probably Shouldn’t, is live!


Get ready for a doozy of an episode, as this one was ruff… get it? We’re sorry, that was awful… find it on iTunesGoogle Play Music, and BlogTalkRadio, and as always we’d love subscriptions, ratings, and reviews if you like what you hear. Until next time!

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Episode 3 is here, mmmmmmhmmhm!

Sorry this one is a day late, but some ISP issues at Dave’s house kept this one from going up on Monday. Everything’s better now, though, so here’s Episode 3 – The Dark Crystal: Mmmmmmhmmhm! Just imagine that last bit in a sexy Chamberlain voice…


And as an extra surprise, this time the guys are joined by their first special guest, Nicole Keating! Nicole is the Executive Producer at Fake Geek Girl Productions, as well as co-host of the Renaissance history podcast Rude Tudors. As our guest, Nicole got to choose the movie for this episode, so listen along as we dig into this Jim Henson/Frank Oz puppetry classic. Or nightmare fuel.

Find it on iTunesGoogle Play Music, and BlogTalkRadio, and as always please subscribe, rate, and review if you like what you hear!

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Episode 2 is live!

Hi everyone! Sorry for a little delay in getting the second episode to you… editing is hard! Especially when you’re as funny as Warwick and I, but hey, maybe I’m a little biased.

Anyway… Episode 2, Demolition Man: The Mystery of the Three Seashells is live on BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, and Google Play Music, so enjoy! Please subscribe, rate, and review wherever you choose to listen if you like what you hear, and we’ll see you at Taco Bell, the restaurant of the future! – D


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Cinemastalgia is on Google Play!

Cinemastalgia is on Google Play, so click below to listen and subscribe!


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It’s Here! Cinemastalgia is Live!

Our first episode, Top Gun: The Sexual Awakening of Michael Bay, is live on BlogTalkRadio and iTunes! Go check it out, and if you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe, rate, and review. Thanks for listening!

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First Episode is Coming Soon!


The first episode of Cinemastalgia is going to be dropping soon! We’ll have links set up here on the website so you can listen, as well as links to where you can download them from iTunes and GooglePlay!

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Welcome to Cinemastalgia.com

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Cinemastalgia.com, the website home for the Cinemastalgia Podcast hosted by Dave Kelch and me, Warwick Johnson. We’ll be adding all sorts of fun things to the site as the podcast gets rolling, so be sure to keep your eyes out for that.


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